Single fee,
doctor supported
Nursing Services
at your home.

"Having your own health care VIP service."


Request a Nurse Visit

Enter your details in the form to request a visit at your home, office, or where ever you are.
Or register to the Mwite Muuguzi service.

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Our Process


In order to use the Mwite Muuguzi Service register yourself and your family members at this page. Then you will be able to call a nurse anytime you or your beloved are sick or have health problems.

You can do this also, the first time you call a nurse. We recommend doing it before you are in an emergency or need of a nurse. You then only have to place the request and all your thoughts on the patient or yourself.

Calling a nurse

Every time you need a nurse we follow these steps.


Go to

On the you can request the visit of a nurse. Just enter your login details, location and some information about the condition.

Now, just wait util the nurse arrives. Make sure to be available on your phone.


Notifying the nurse

To get a nurse as soon as possible to you, we will notify all free nurses in your vincinity.
One of the nurses will claim your case, order a transport and come to your place.


Visit of the nurse

The nurse arrives at your location and assesses the situation.

If needed, she will use a special application to inform a doctor about your conditon.

The doctor will then within 15 minutes review your case, recommend a treatment and send you an email. That can be "take this medicine", "get that treatment" or "go to this hospital".

The nurse will answer questions or help you getting to the hospital.


End of process

When all questions and nursing is done, then nurse will collect the fee, give you your invoice and leave to the next patient.

For most Health and Medical issues

"A doctor will review your case and recommend medication and treatent."


The Revolution

Combining Forces

The Mwite Muuguzi service combines the expertise of nurses and doctors to create a unique and comprehensive healthcare experience. The key components of this solution include home visit services, real-time online consultations, and seamless collaboration between healthcare professionals.

The Mwite Muuguzi service fosters collaboration between nurses and doctors, enabling effective communication, streamlined workflows, and efficient decision-making.


Trained nurses equipped with the Ezytiba application will visit patients at their homes, collecting vital signs, patient information, and medical history. This ensures a thorough assessment while maintaining the comfort and convenience of patients.

The Doctors review patient information using doctor structured questions and offer accurate diagnoses, personalized treatment plans, and prescriptions.

Health Care Everywhere

The online medical solution offered with the Mwite Muuguzi service brings numerous benefits to healthcare delivery and patient outcomes. By providing home visit services, it overcomes geographical barriers and increases access to medical services, particularly in remote areas.

Affordable Health Care

The Mwite Muuguzi service affordable, offering a comprehensive package at a modest price, including nurse visits, doctor consultations, prescriptions, and transportation for nurses.

Preventing Infections

The solution also prioritizes patient safety by minimizing the need for patients to visit healthcare facilities, reducing the risk of cross-contamination and exposure to infectious diseases.

Consitent Treatment

By using a mobile application record-keeping, ensuring accurate and secure documentation of patients medical history is ensured, leading to better continuity of care and informed decision-making.